I have not died in a blogging accident. I am a terrible blogger and deserve to be punished for not updating sooner. Sorry. The fact is, I’m getting married pretty soon and I’m really busy organising stuff. We’ve booked the honeymoon now – Paris, Venice and Florence. Very exciting. But really, it’s no excuse for not writing up recipes, so please give me a kick up the arse for being so slack and I’ll be back on track very soon.


6 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. inn33dfr33dom Says:

    Congrats on getting married and wow..your honeymoon destination is quite romantic;)

  2. mbround Says:

    Congratulations. I hope everything goes well with the big day. Look forward to seeing you back on track soon (though there’s plenty left that I still want to try).

    PS On an almost related note, the last site I was at before I checked here was xkcd !

  3. lauraofharvestlane Says:

    Best wishes for your wedding, God’s blessings for your marriage, and bon voyage for your honeymoon!

    Laura of Harvest Lane
    Happy at Home

  4. kilburn Says:

    What did you eat during your honeymoon – especially in Florence?

  5. 101things Says:

    I haven’t been yet! The wedding’s on the 3rd of May – 9 weeks away.

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