On 15/11/09 the manager of J.J. Moons in Ruislip Manor, a Weatherspoons pub, tried to throw my mother out for having an assistance dog (Hearing Dog) with her. She was waiting to meet me and naturally, she refused to leave. The dog was wearing its clearly labelled “HEARING DOG FOR THE DEAF” jacket, was sitting quietly because he was working, and my mum (an OAP) was just sitting having a coffee.

As I arrived the manager was aggressively denying all knowledge of the existence of Hearing Dogs and demanding that she leave the pub. Mum couldn’t lipread him, he couldn’t understand her and mum was clearly upset. He refused to read the government-issued card she carries that says that hearing dogs are allowed in pubs etc, so I read it out loud to him. I got a bit arsy with him and he told me not to be aggressive (!). After repeatedly telling him she is legally allowed to have an assistance dog with her, he finally backed down, making out as if he was doing us a favour.

Later, my mum told me that before I arrived he had tried to physically push her out. Not hard, but he did push her towards the door. I wasn’t there to witness and so verify that, but if she says it happened then I take her word for it. She has no reason to make that up.

I made a complaint to the head office. On 27/11 I received the following reply:

Dear [me]

Thank you for your telephone call to our office.

We are very sorry to hear of the problems which were experienced during your recent visit to J.J Moons, when your mother was asked to leave as it was not recognised at the time that your mother had an assistance dog with her.

We would like to assure you that we have no issue with assistance dogs, whether they are in training or fully trained, being brought into our pubs, as we recognise their importance. However, there is a equirement to ensure that they are properly identifiable, by means of their leash, collar or harness. It is also beneficial if their owner or trainer carries a form of identification to show their purpose.

We can confirm that the Area Manager for the pub has been made aware of the complaint and will be reviewing it with the Pub Manager and team. There should not be any issue with taking your assistance dog to this, or any of our pubs, in the future.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter, and thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Your sincerely,

[Wetherspoons Customer Service Person]

They’re clearly trying to imply that it was my mother’s fault for not showing clearly that he’s as an assistance dog. The dog had on a bright red jacket that stated in big letters “HEARING DOG FOR THE DEAF”, was on a red lead that said the same and she TRIED to showed the manager her official ID card explaining what the dog is and he refused to read it, so I read the card out to him! I told them all this when I complained.

My mother is not keen on going to the press but I want to let people know what complete shits Wetherspoons are. I will be following up on their response by letter. Advice happily received.


This is the reply I have drafted:

Dear [name]

Re: Complaint ref [number]

Please find attached a copy of your reply to my complaint regarding my mother being asked to leave J.J. Moons in Ruislip Manor for having an assistance dog. I am not satisfied with your reply and would like to address several points.

The letter states that it was not recognised at the time that my mother had an assistance dog with her. The reason the dog was not recognised as an assistance dog was not due to any neglect on my mother’s part to make it clear, but rather due to the manager’s insistence that he had never heard of Hearing Dogs before. This indicates a significant lack of training and ignorance of the Disability Discrimination Act on his part.

The letter also states that “There is a requirement to ensure that they are properly identifiable, by means of their leash, collar or harness. It is also beneficial if their owner or trainer carries a form of identification to show their purpose.” I would like it acknowledged that, as I explained when I first made the complaint, the dog was wearing a large red coat which said in large letters “HEARING DOG FOR DEAF PEOPLE”. He was also wearing a red leash, with the same lettering on it. My mother presented the dog’s official ID card, which clearly states that assistance dogs are allowed in restaurants and pubs, to the pub manager but he did not read it, so I read it aloud to him. There is absolutely no sense in which the dog was not very clearly identified as an assistance dog, and the implication that this is the reason my mother was asked to leave is insulting and untrue.

If there is any doubt about the above, I recommend that you check the CCTV footage from the pub for the evening of 15/11 from 6pm onwards.

I would appreciate further contact from the Area Manager to acknowledge that the way my mother was treated was nothing to do with the dog not being clearly identified, and was due to poor training and ignorance on the part of the pub manager. I remind you that he tried to physically push my mother, an OAP, out of the pub while directly contravening the Disability Discrimination Act. His behaviour was unacceptable, and I would like this to be acknowledged before I decide which course of action to take next. I have several contacts in the media who I know are interested in the outcome of this incident.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

What do you think?



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    • Daragh Monaghan Says:

      I had an experience with Wetherspoons in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. I started taking fits following concussion after a fall in the ice in December. I took a seizure there in March and my partner called an ambulance, as at the time I had not been diagnosed with epilepsy (I am now registered disabled. The manager assumed I was drunk, (I’d had 3 glasses of wine!) even though it was esplained to her that I was waiting to see a consultant neurologist regarding these fits. She then at a later date refused me a glass of wine with my lunch but I could have a soft drink instead. I asked why and she would not give me a reason. I complained to head office both in writing and on the phone and was told that the managers decision was final. I have consulted with the disability action group and have also been advised by the epuality commision and the human rights commission. When i asked was I being discriminated against because of my disability, he could or would not answer me. While Wetherspoons would not be somewhere I would frequent very often, it would be nice to have a coffee with my friends, who drink there (I no longer drink because of the epilepsy drugs) Watch this space!! Wetherespoons are a disgrace and reading the above comments I dont feel so bad. Unlawful discrimination under the disability rights act, victimisation and harrassment, as I was frogmarched off the premises when I went in to make an arrangement to meet my friends at another location. Disgrace disgrace disgrace!!!

    • susanne smith Says:

      I have had a similar problemat TheEric Bartholomew in Morecambe-they don’t give adamn about disability awareness-may be we should all band together to get Wetherspoons disabilitykitemark takenoff them. All who want to join in email me at smith321@btinternet.com Maybe don’t care can be made to care Susanne

    • susanne smith Says:

      susanne here again email for taking kitemark off wetherspons- smiths321@btinternet.com

    • bbcantiques martin stothard Says:

      I dont think the staff are trained anymore ! I visited the Posterngate York , I pointed out an insect infestation the manager commented im not a botanist and “I dont care” I then took 2 photographs of the filthy conditions at which the manager attacked me followed by a thug door staff who damaged my clothing injured my neck and caused bruising to my arms , they are criminals , when I complained to head office they simply told me to talk to the manager “Matt” who caused the problem sorry id rather walk on hot coals or him

  2. Mrs Magpie Says:

    I would complain again, much higher up (Wetherspoons Chairman of the board is Tim Martin & John Hutson is the CEO) and cc the letter to your MP and the Equality & Human Rights Commission (which the Disability Rights Commission is now part of). I’d also register with OUCH! (the BBC disability issues message boards) and see if people have had similar experiences and what they did about it.

    Good luck!

  3. Gwizz Says:

    I agree with Mrs Magpie, this needs to be dealt with more and should not be allowed to be brushed to one side – it is dispicable. I hope your mother has recovered from her ordeal.


  4. Billy No-Job Says:

    It’s amazing that companies don’t realise how infuriating it is to receive an “apology” that attempts to blame the victim for the incident. It would be almost better if they’d just written back saying that they can’t understand what all the fuss is about, and why don’t you just shut-up! At least it would have the virtue of honesty!

    I hope you take your complaint further as suggested by Mrs Magpie. And please publish the responsive here!

  5. Kara Says:

    I would tell them that you damand they look at the CCTV and make sure it is saved. Some places only keep CCTV for a week, some for 2 weeks most for 28 days. I would not be surprised that by the time they get round to it the CCTV footage will have been destroyed and it would end up being a “Your word against ours” case

    Good luck

  6. Sally Says:

    I think the manager needs a good kick up the behind, and this letter certainly doesn’t suggest he about to get one. He may have told fibs about the incident, of course, to cover up his atrocious behaviour, but the Wetherspoons letter is a disgrace. I think your reply is a good one, and I hope it gets you are rather more honest and humble response. They should be making the manager apologise personally!
    Have you contacted the local press? Wetherspoons may sit up and listen if they are contacted by a journalist!

  7. Jane Says:

    Just one other thought – if he physically pushed your mother, isn’t that an assault of some kind? Would it also be worth checking with the police?

    His behaviour sounds crass, arrogant, ignorant and immature.

    I’m glad your mum has you to stand up for her and you’re making this so public.

  8. @K9_Kirsty Says:

    Contact Hearing Dogs, the may have a solicitor who takes on Disability Discrimination Act cases. Also ask them to check their CCTV and SEE what the dog was wearing that day. Be extremely surprised if there is no CCTV…

  9. SLL Says:

    Shocking! Sadly these chains often ignore legitimate complaints and probably spend a fortune on trained attack lawyers to fend off cases.

  10. another assistance dog owner Says:

    Contact hearing dogs and give them all the information, they will contact Weatherspoons as might the other four assistance dog organisations

    Together if we stand up against discrimination we may overcome it

    When I am refused access I complain not only for myself but for all owners who depend upon these highly trained life enhancing if not life saving dogs

  11. another assistance dog owner Says:

    And Thank you for drawing people’s attention to the importance of assistance dogs

    There are five assistance dog organisations

    Guide Dogs
    Hearing Dogs for deaf people
    Support Dogs
    Canine Partners
    Dogs for the Disabled

    All are allowed to accompany owners in all public places and have exemption from environmental health which allows them into areas where food is being prepared

    All owners carry ID cards

    I hope your mums confidence has not taken a knock, I know how distressing it can be when access is denied, it is a criminal offence to deny access

    They always come back saying they did not know it was an assistance dog yet like you say they wear jackets, have lead slips, and owners carry ID, when you make a complaint ensure that you describe the jacket etc the dog was wearing and try to give as much information as you can, eg what was said etc, try to get the persons name or at least a description of them

    Know Your Rights

    Assistance Dog Owners

    The Disability Rights Commission

    The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is an independent body, established by an Act of Parliament to eliminate the discrimination faced by disabled people and promote equality of opportunity. When disabled people participate – as citizens, customers and employees – everyone benefits. So we have set ourselves the goal of “a society where all disabled people can participate fully as equal citizens”.

    We work with disabled people and their organisations, the business community, Government and public sector agencies to achieve practical solutions that are effective for employers, service providers and disabled people alike.

    There are 10 million people in Britain who have rights under the Disability Discrimination Act. This covers people with epilepsy, cancer, schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome and many other types of impairment.

    Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, many legal rights and obligations affecting disabled people’s access to services and employment are already in force. Others become law in 2004.

    Many people are still not aware that they have many new rights. And employers and service providers are often unsure how to implement “best practice” to make it easier for disabled people to use their services or gain employment.

    The DRC has offices in England, Scotland and Wales. For further details of how we can help you, please contact our Helpline – contact details are featured on the back cover of this publication.

    The DRC wishes to thank the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association for their assistance with this guide.

    Discrimination against people who use assistance dogs

    What is the problem?
    Disabled people who use assistance dogs quite often experience discrimination in doing everyday things other people take for granted. This is because shops, restaurants and other businesses sometimes object to assistance dogs being brought onto their premises.

    Is it against the law to do this?
    It will usually be against the law to discriminate in this way. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) says that anyone who provides services, goods or facilities to the public cannot refuse to provide their service to a disabled person for a reason relating to that person’s disability. Nor can service providers use a person’s disability as a reason to provide them with a lower standard of service than it offers to other people, or a service on worse terms. Doing any of these things is likely to give rise to a disability discrimination claim.

    The Act also requires a service provider to make reasonable adjustments to any practice, policy or procedure which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for a disabled person to make use of the goods, facilities or services in question. This may mean not enforcing a “no dogs” policy in respect of assistance dogs or amending a “no pets” policy to ensure that assistance dogs are exempt from it.

    Why is it important not to discriminate in this way?
    Many disabled people rely on an assistance dog as an aid to their mobility, and would find it extremely difficult to manage getting around without it. So, if a business owner refuses to allow an assistance dog onto his premises, the effect is to deny the disabled person the ability to buy goods from him or to use his services in the way other people do.

    Who else can provide advice?

    The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
    The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Guide Dogs) is the leading charity in the UK for the provision of assistance dogs.

    In order to try and improve access to facilities for assistance dog users in September 2001 Guide Dogs launched an “Access for All” campaign. This aims to inform service providers about assistance dogs and overcome common misconceptions about them.

    Guide Dogs gives free advice to service providers on these matters.

    It also operates a “hotline” that service providers can contact for information about their access responsibilities on:
    08000 13 17 17.

    The assistance dogs provided by Guide Dogs are trained to the highest level. Before a dog is placed with an owner it spends approximately one year with a puppy walker followed by approximately seven months of formal training.

    After matching with an owner the dog has a further four weeks of training to prepare it for the environment it will be working in. This training ensures a high level of obedience and good social behaviour so that the dog won’t become a nuisance in any public place. The cost of breeding, training and maintaining a guide dog during its lifetime is £35,000.

    Further information is available from the Guide Dogs’ website at: http://www.guidedogs.org.uk

    Why are assistance dogs refused access?

    1. Hygiene and Health & Safety
    It is entirely understandable that some businesses have a general policy of not allowing pets into their premises for health and safety reasons. However, even where hygiene is particularly important (in food shops and restaurants, for example) it should be possible to make exceptions for assistance dogs despite concerns over health and safety.

    Most food businesses will have a ‘no admission’ policy for dogs in order to maintain food safety requirements.

    However, the Food Standards Agency advises that an exception is usually made for assistance dogs as a result of the following qualities:

    • Assistance dogs are highly trained working dogs, not pets.
    • An assistance dog will not wander freely around the premises.
    • An assistance dog will sit or lie quietly on the floor next to its owner.
    • Assistance dogs are trained to go to the toilet on command and so are unlikely to foul in a public place.

    There is therefore no reason why assistance dogs cannot enter shops and premises with their owners.

    2. “No Dogs” Policies
    Assistance dogs are also excluded as a result of “no dogs” policies. The DDA requires service providers to make reasonable adjustments to policies and one such adjustment could be to waive “no dogs” policies in respect of assistance dogs, or amend a “no pets” policy so that assistance dogs are not refused access. Because assistance dog owners rely on their dogs to get around safely, refusing to allow an assistance dog on to the premises means refusing to provide a service to the owner for a reason relating to their disability.

    3. Religious or Cultural grounds
    Religious or cultural beliefs have often been cited as a reason for non-admittance of assistance dogs. However, it should be noted that there is a legal requirement to permit access to assistance dogs and such beliefs are not a defence against non-compliance. However, this is a sensitive aspect of the access issue and tact should be used by all involved. The DRC has been successful in reaching agreement on this issue with a number of religious groups including the Muslim Shariat Council. The DRC has also worked with a number of businesses to successfully resolve problems that have arisen out of uncertainty about this issue.

    Are assistance dogs easily recognisable?
    Yes. It is easy to distinguish between an assistance dog and a pet. An assistance dog is instantly recognisable by the harness it wears and the special tag on its collar.

    Can a provider of services justify their refusal to serve an assistance dog user or not to allow an assistance dog onto their premises?
    Although it may sometimes be possible to justify a refusal to serve a person who uses an assistance dog, the law will only permit such justification in exceptional circumstances.

    The DRC has helped lots of assistance dog users who have had this type of problem. Service providers invariably seek to justify their actions, but none of the reasons given has stood up to close scrutiny.

    Here are some examples:

    • A blind person who was turned away from a restaurant obtained £800 compensation. He was turned away because he wished to take his assistance dog into the restaurant. This was discrimination. The owner of the restaurant thought that it might be unhygienic to allow a dog into the restaurant, but this did not justify the discriminatory treatment.
    • A bookshop refused to allow a disabled person to bring her assistance dog into the shop. The owner claimed the shop was too small for a dog to be brought in. This is not a good reason to refuse to allow a disabled person into a shop.
    • The owner of a food shop was concerned that customers would object to assistance dogs being allowed into the shop. A disabled person was refused service because of this. But following conciliation the disabled person received £300 compensation, and the shop agreed to change its “no dogs” policy to allow assistance dogs to be brought into the shop.

    You can contact the DRC Helpline by voice, text, fax, post or email. You can speak to an operator at any time between 08:00 and 20:00, Monday to Friday.

    If you require this publication in an alternative format and/or language please contact the Helpline to discuss your needs. It is also available on the DRC website: http://www.drc-gb.org

    Telephone 08457 622 633
    Textphone 08457 622 644
    Fax 08457 778 878
    Email enquiry@drc-gb.org
    Post DRC Helpline
    MID 02164
    Stratford upon Avon CV37 9BR
    Website http://www.drc-gb.org

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t you used to work for weatherspoons???

  13. Nat Says:

    well, sorry, but I have some things to point out. They apologised, what more do you want? they can send you a letter spelling out that the manager is a “£%$£ but I do not think there is anything more you can get. Just be happy they’ve come back to you with an apology. Also, if you read how you write to them, your style, choice of words, it is radically different to what you project when you write letters to them which just shows that you are a bit emotional about this, and it never helps the situation. Tell the mother that the manager was a bit of an arse and will get told off by the head office (that is guaraneed) so I do not think there is anything stopping you from going back to JJ Moons. In fact, you might rise awareness of other staff about the Hearing dogs. Quite frankly, before I read your article I did not know they existed. Just do not be negative and as you put it “arsy”. Fair enough, the manager was wrong, but that is a mistake he only made once, trust me. Do not go projecting this negative image. I would just leave it at that and make an effort to calm your mother. She is the victim, not you or the dog, so do not take it so hard, just try to even things out. Positive reinforcement. And one more thing- knowing how big organisations like their work, every branch and every pub probably got an e-mail with a new procedure outline regarding hte Hearing dogs.
    Just relax, be happy, and go to that same pub with a smile on your face, that way you will receive a warm welcome.

    • mary Says:

      You have no idea what you talking about. This sort of incident knocks you for 6 for a long time after. I am deaf, I have a hearing dog and have a similar case with BP where they refused to serve me because of my hearing dog. My daughter even called the police and the manager refused to listen to them. This is all down to BP not training there staff. They are breaking the law, by allowing this kind of discrimination and so are weatherspoons. There is no excuse for this kind of treatment, not from big organiztions like this. Its the year 2010 and we have enough deal with without being discriminated against because companies want to grab as much money as they can without doing there bit. They are not bothering to train there stafff and as a result of this, we are being subjected to embrassing, stressful incidents. I am now nervous , anytime I go into a new place with my hearing dog because I am scared of what they going to say. Its made much worse by the fact that I AM DEAF and I cannot communicate well at all. I had my 12 year old daughter with me and she too was treated very badly.

      • ARB Says:

        It is not dpown to ‘these big companies’ they can not train every member of staff on every little thing that might happen. Assistance dogs may be a common thing people should know about but untill i read this letter i thought all assistance dogs wore high-vis style coats and had no idea the hearing aid ones wore different colours.
        i am in no way defending the manager of the premesis but the company is not to blame here it is the actions of one individual.

      • Allegra Says:

        ARB I’m sorry, but you are wrong. Employers have a duty to ensure that their employees follow the law, and this part of it is not an optional extra. I agree that Assistance Dogs in the UK aren’t common (yet!) and understand that many members of the general public may not be aware of them, but companies cannot use ignorance of the law (Equality Act 2010) as a defence. http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/publications/assistance_dogs_guide.pdf

    • Lynsey Ash Says:

      Hearing dogs have been around for years.
      Dogs for the deaf
      Dogs for the blind
      Dogs for epilepsy
      Dogs for cancer
      Dogs for diabetes
      Dogs for autism
      Dogs for anxiety
      There’s loads more too.
      The deaf and blind dogs was around when I was a kid so that is many years ago.
      Some people need to really educate themselves more.

  14. carol norwell Says:

    I have spent over 14 years working in the field of visual impairment…..and can confirm there are numerous organisations/shops/cafe’s/pubs who are totally unaware that assistance dogs are allowed onto the premises. Do follow it up, and I would use the newspapers too. Organisations always do this…..its your fault really….type of reply…its like they used to say with car accidents, never accept liability or blame. Name and shame…do a newspaper article and I guarantee no other person with an assistance dog will ever have a problem in that chain again..

  15. Tristram Brody Says:

    Just read your comments Nat. Sometimes an apology is sufficient, especially when it is meant and the organisation or person apologising holds their hands up and says ‘mea culpa’. Its not enough when they apologise but add, ‘well actually there are a miriad of reasons why its not really our fault but yours, so we are not really responsible, you are ‘. I think the reply Wetherspoons penned says this fairly clearly. If such apologies were accepted at face value, little would change in the field of disability. When faced with similar attitudes in restaurants with friends with guide dogs, I have offered to call the police to the restaurant to sort out the problem, that usually persuades the restauranter that your claim dogs are permitted is in fact true. I would suggest the best way to deal with this is to ask Wetherspoons about the training they provide and offer yourself with your mother to go along and provide the training they require…if life gives you lemons…make lemonade!

  16. lee and grace Says:

    This a classic situation even DISABILITY DESCRIMINATION I have have in training as an assistance dog her name is grace
    And she is with me 24/7 As yet we have not been thrown out of my local weatherspoons PH althoug I been shouted at by the publican to get out of my local pub
    bully boy tacticts only serve to make me more firm in my stance against these Cretins
    and only last week I was shouted at by a manager of the TFC thats the turkish food center walthamcross hertfordshire to get out and dont return all this was observed by customers and on video I quitely explained that he as an individual and also representing his company were in breach of the D D Act that old chestnut came out NO UNDERSTAND ENGLISH and he called out in turkish for help
    well I feft the sho and contacted thier CEO by e-mail
    the reply was fast and appologised etc
    The next day I returned to the shop only to meet the manager whos English had improved to a amazing degree
    He shouted rather load thrusting his head forward and trying to look aggresive I once again explained as I had previously NO GET OUT DOGS ARE DIRTY CUSTOMERS GET SCARRED Oh by the way my dog has a harness and vest with all the information on it and her declaration of use
    I left again and sent another Email explaining my situation and nature of my complaint
    Well a week passed and not being one to give up quite the reverse we returned to the shop and out came the same manager but this time with two other staff members this was some what aggresive and threating as they came up to me Well the managers English had improved no end he had picked up a few graphic expressions
    I took out of my pocket a copy of the D D Act and the level of fine and of course the adverse publicity it would generate
    well how amazing the manager could now even read English when he got to the section that explained the penalties that could be involved hewent a little pale in his face
    OH no problem you and your dog can come in even a please but no appology
    I then explained that I am writting a book on addmission of working dogs into various retail premises also Pubs Clubs etc
    I have had a lot of grief but it just makes me angry,This one is a gem I walked into a church with my dog and was aazed by this man who declared no dogs allowed in here
    why I said animals have souls dont they he just stood their barring my way I then explained and presented him with a copy of assistance dogs and theD D Act Inow all ways have a copy in my dogs back pack
    I said to this nasty man I going to complain to your boss he said what the vicar no I said when I pray to-nite I will mention you
    What a scream he was to quote GOB SMACKED
    And me I got smashed up in a motor bike accident And then went and got Parkinsons rather badly thatmeans i have to use a stick to wobble around on and grace my dog acts as a four legged support for me
    before all this I served my country and community for 27 years
    Only to get told to get out and not allowed BOY THEY HAVE PICKED THE WRONG ONE any refusing entrance or discrimination report the CRETINS

  17. Kaiti Says:

    What I don’t get is – do you really want to give these idiots money if they are going to treat you and yours like this?

  18. greg orange Says:

    these people are bigoted frightened idiots. Do not visit the Southend branch. They libel people of good character for their failings. I’m sure they read this site, so matt, if u watching, i wil find u…

  19. janet brown Says:

    Your situation is far worse, but my 85 year old mother was told off for having a dog on the public pavement outside Wetherspoons in Chard. Nowhere on their website does it give a dogs policy. I will not be frequenting their chain again.

  20. Guest Says:

    @ janet brown
    Yes there is a dogs policy – at least now! It’s in the FAQs.

    Click to access FAQs.pdf

    Yesterday I was asked to leave the Canary Wharf Wetherspoons, after having ordered & paid for my food! My money was refunded and then I was told to go! There was no ‘no dogs’ sign anywhere in sight on their patio. (Mine is not an assistance dog, but all other pubs etc allow dogs into outside areas.) The other customers there were shocked & appalled.

    • Janet Brown Says:

      Thank you for this. Poor you – they should have signs up – we are not mind readers. There were no signs in Chard either. There is no way this information can be located by a site search so they seem to be hiding it! I have contacted Somerset CC who tell me that Wetherspoons had no right to ask us to remove our dog from the pavement as it is a public highway. I want to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible to stop them acting unlawfully and distressing people.
      I have tried to contact Wetherspoons but – surprise, surprise – no responce.

    • Martyn Says:

      Pleased to hear you weren’t allowed to remain with a dog. You should realise that animals and hygiene just don’t go together. An exception is made for assistance dogs and that’s fair enough but for all other dogs, leave them at home why don’t you?

  21. Harrison Says:

    Re Janet Brown and Guest. You are in an area where people are eating and perhaps they are not as enthralled with the idea of having your dog inches from their food as you are. The original point about hearing dogs is well made but to then evolve it into an attack on a company for what should be a basic manners/common sense issue is a bit rich. Ultimately it is your dog, your responsibility to ASK whether your pet is welcome. I’m sure live tigers are not welcome but do you require a sign to tell you that? Too much time on your hands and a self righteous attitude unfortunately served to hamstring your argument. Unlucky.

    • Guest Says:

      @ Harrison

      Talking about hamstringing an argument…
      Yours is one of the silliest on here. How many people on an outside patio would have a dog “inches” from their food?? Daft remark. And the one about tigers is even dafter.

      @ Janet Brown

      I emailed Wetherspoons & got a reply back two weeks later – in the post! – saying they were sorry about the incident but that was the company policy. Oh yes? There’s a Wetherspoons in Catford where everyone & his granny brings his dog onto the patio! It just depends on the manager, it seems.

    • mrsdoyle Says:

      And I suppose Harrison, I should not enter wetherspoons or any public place because I have epilepsy, in case it might upset the customers, if I were to have a fit?? It is called disability discrimination what happened that day, with the lady’s hearing dog, how humiliating. Does she not have a right to some kind of allowance in her current situation and is able to have a fuller life thanks to her hearing dog? I hope you are able bodied and are happy surrounded by your predjudice. Good luck. (I have a funny feeling Harrison is a cat person!! lol)

    • Dolley Says:

      Posts like this brigethn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

  22. Robert Says:

    I do not understand there policy on dogs. There profits are down and all they have to do to get them up is to let dogs in there outside areas. I do not know of any other pubs who do not allow dogs in there gardens, which are well behaved and kept on leads.
    They say that they like dogs but will not have them on there premises. I have asked many members of staff in lots of there pubs and they can not understand it, and generally say they would rather have dogs than badly behaved children.
    Also how can they ban dogs from pavements when these are owned by the council?
    As for the lady that was pushed out of the pub, the best thing she could do would be to get the local blind group together and take 50 people and there guide dogs into this Weatherspoons pub to make a stand.

    • ARB Says:

      I very much doubt Wetherspoons profits are down they are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK
      many people are afraid of dogs and from a Health and safety point of view the food servers can not be dodging between people dogs if your dog tripped one of them carrying 4 steaks wold you be happy to pick up the bill ??

      • kch Says:

        Well well well. We had a most enjoyable meal in a dog friendly pub which was not a Wetherspoons. Our dogs are small King Charles Spaniels are very well behaved lay down by our feet under the table unlike some of the children you see running around the bar area in general pubs. We have witnessed more near misses with children and serving staff than dogs and so this information taken out of context is very misleading. As for a previous hygiene comment by someone else i would suggest my dogs hygiene is better than some so called humans so will leave it at that. We always ask if our dogs are allowed in the pub but we realise that they do have a royal decree which would let them in but we do not push this point of view as we are responsible dog owners. We realise there are many irresponsible ones and we do consider other people who may not appreciate dogs and will sit away from them. Unfortunately we do tend to attract attention from the strolling children even during the eating of our meal but we do not make an issue of this fact. Maybe badly behaved children should be kept on short leads (reigns) but that is an entirely different arguement. By the way our dogs are regularly groomed, and cared for as they should be with all the necessary treatments to not cause offence or horrible nasty things and yes we do have grandchildren, so have been there and done that and still doing it.

  23. Linda Blame Says:

    I have a complaint towards weatherspoons does anyone have the managing directors contact details please as I feel i now need to go that route……… thank you

  24. Jess helba Says:

    Hello there, I’d just like to say as a member of a wetherspoons pub down south I am disgusted by what you had to experience. I can assure you no such incident would be taken lightly in my pub. I am so sorry your mother had to indure this incident with such an uneducated individual. I hope you do not think all wetherspoon pub staff are like this a I aside you they are you, you just happened to experience a bad pub and a bad manager! I hope everything is resolved and wish you the best.

  25. catering Says:

    Thank you for any other great post. Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such info.

  26. Neil Foster Says:

    I read the above comments with great interest as I have had issue with Wetherspoons and have complained personally
    to the local Manager of the pub and to the Head Office by email(twice). No reply has been received but I am not giving up!
    I had a lousy meal there(on a stone-cold plate!) and they even managed to cook garden peas so badly that they were inedible and i spat them into a tissue(not very nice, I know, but neither were the peas!) The Manager showed little interest, said he would report it but that he hoped that I realized that “it was out of his hands now”!! He’s only the Manager!!
    I won’t be going there again. The pub is “The Watchmaker” in Prescot, Merseyside, in case anyone is thinking of going
    there. Apparently, this place is getting a reputation for rotten food. (and rotten Managers!)

  27. Christopher simpkins Says:

    Hi I would like to complain about your sir Daniels door staff in swindon I have just been refused access to your club in Swindon for being to drunk I am a 31 year old male out with my wife and friends I heavenly had three pints and told I was unable to come in as I was too drunk I find this very poor as I could see young women if a very poor state being let in. I visit your establishments in Swindon quit frequent but refuse too in future. I believe this too be a poor judgement on hour door staff and very biassed if I was a women I would have been allowed in I will make my thoughts off your door staff very well known and not visit any of your establishments in future yor tho reply greatly anticipated.

    • Keith Says:

      It would appear as if you are drunk at the time of writing. Have you any grasp of the English language and very basic spelling.

    • lounatic83 Says:

      Oh dear, get a grip- that is mot anywhere near the same as what happened to this poor lady’s mum, and is rather insulting that you think it is!

  28. Joe Says:

    That’s outragerous.
    Send the complaint the only way for these incomplete idiots to learn is by loss of money or being recognised by the press for what they did.

  29. Ann Phillips Says:

    i had a similar issue with the wetherspoons in cwmbran south wales email me if you want details

  30. Pete Southall Says:

    This is not a complaint but an observation. i use the Standing Order in Derby on a regular basis and have no problems normal days getting served.However on football match days it is a real problem trying to get served , i have seen customers so frustrated they have just walked out and with them the money they would have spent. In my opinion, I think it would pay to have 2 to 4 more staff on just for these lunch times. I believe this would be cost effective because of the extra revenue coming in over the bar and good customer.service this would promote.
    Pete Southall

  31. KenDutton Says:

    Well done you are absolutely right the majority of Wetherspoons staff are morons. Hope you get another reply but I wouldnt hold your breath

  32. lounatic83 Says:

    This is TERRIBLE! Would love to know what happened after your second letter of complaint. How can they put someone in a managerial position that is not fully aware of their responsibilities and role, surely how to treat your customers, disabled or otherwise is a pretty important part of being a manager!

  33. lounatic83 Says:

    Oh and I liked the post for your wonderful attempts to get this sorted, not because I like the situation :§

  34. sadie bell Says:

    i am very surprised at wetherspoons i thought it was a peoples pub caring for their customers dont forget half your bread and butter comes from pensioners coming in to eat in the afternoon please treat them with respect your turn will come come on tim get involved dont let happen again you owe it to your customers without them you would not success

  35. Alexander Winter Says:

    Beer quite cheap at weatherspoons, but don’t order a lemonade for the designated driver. A standard glass is 0ne pound seventy five pence. I don’t know how many thousands of percent profit that is, but they are going to make massive proffits some-how. Somewhere to give a miss to I think!

  36. John Campbell Says:


  37. Janice pritchard Says:

    Good for u an mum,ask for compensation.i went in one of their pubs near me,and the food,chicken was awful,inedible,didnt complain but will in future.jan

  38. Hellen Keller Says:

    I too had never heard of hearing dogs until one afternoon when I was impatiently trying to pass a gentleman at a gate at Hammmersmith tube station I noticed that the mans dog had a rather funky red coat on which I thought looked cool. I said excuse me to the man to which there was no reply. I again said excuse me this time much louder again there was no reply. Angrily I raised my voice again and said “mate can you move”. Still no acknowledgement at this point someone tapped me on the shoulder and pointed down to the dog. I then read the words HEARING DOG. I was mortified I felt so stupid. I then dropped to one knee beside the dog lifted his ear and said quietly ” gonna tell that fat mutton prick to get out of my way before I knock him spark out”. Everyone including the guy at the barrier fell about laughing and the deaf guy was none the wiser job done.

  39. adrienne-lee@hotmail.co.uk Says:

    What happen?!

  40. Debi Wolf Reeves Says:

    So sorry to hear about your mum’s treatment. It seems they like to pick on the disabled and women in particular. I had a similar experience recently and I am currently going through the back and forth letters to the so called customer service cretins, returning their insulting £10.00 vouchers! As if I will ever frequent them again! Trying to get a letter to Tim Martin is probably going to be an impossible task, however, I have lodged a complaint with the environmental safety of my local council, as the food was undercooked and cold. I shall also be sending a letter to trading standards watford and of course my local MP. It is all we can do… keep complaining about these massive chain pubs, who like to employ bullying bouncers as so called “managers”! Good luck! My blog on my experience http://www.debiwolfreeves.co.uk/archives/2001

  41. Lewis Powell Says:

    As a Wetherspoons employee, I must make some protest. It is unfortunate what has happened to your mother, and you are perfectly correct in what you have said. However, my resentment is to the painting of all JDW pubs and employees with the same brush.

    If you were to come to my Wetherspoons (J.J. Moons in wembley. Under the same area manager as the J.J. Moons you mention)
    You would see how we cater for any disability to the best of our ability. A few examples:
    A man comes in occasionally with arthritis in his thumbs, we go out of our way to carry his drinks to his table.
    We often have people with bulky electric wheelchairs, and we will happily rearrange any furniture for them.

    Any disability we can’t see, as soon as we are told, we will cater for no matter what. We will also apologise regardless and continue with the customer in the most appropriate way we can.

    So I must ask, please don’t judge the entirety of the company by the stupidity of the few.

  42. Rob Pryce Says:

    Rob Pryce,
    Just stumbled across this correspondence. I have eaten in many Wetherspoon’s around the country and even stayed overnight in some of their hotels. I can honestly state that I have received nothing but the best of attention in all bar one. Folkestone, since you ask. Tarring with the same brush all branches in a chain is an extremely unfair way of assessing that chain.
    However, I am sure that the original complainants’ experience has been acted upon and rectified by awareness training. The manager can have no real excuse. That being said, with the appalling standard of English displayed by some correspondents, their lack of presence in a Wetherspoon’s can only be a positive.

    • Steve Says:

      When the grammar police have quite fonished their patronising rhetoric in support of the disabled in the face of blatant discrimination they might do well to consider that dyslexia and Parkinsonism (to name but two) are both disabilities that may contribute to perceived ‘inaccuracies’ in spelling and grammar. The iPhone spell checker isn’t too helpful sometimes either. Nowhere in the act does it mention the standard of education required to be disabled either or to have the right to voice an opinion.
      The English language continues to evolve and you don’t own it!

  43. Donna Says:

    I’m actually very disappointed because every time I have been to this pub I’ve had brilliant meals and service ! That’s just changed my opinion today I was in with my friend and we both received stone cold food and we sent them back with the waitress who didn’t really care about our thoughts we then got the same meal just re heated i know this because i cut my chicken in half to see if it was actually cold in the middle wich it was and now my friend is ill because chicken was cold then reheated I’m not happy and will not be eating here again very angry loyal customer my friend is very sick

  44. Donna Says:

    I’m actually very disappointed because every time I have been to this pub I’ve had brilliant meals and service ! That’s just changed my opinion today I was in with my friend and we both received stone cold food and we sent them back with the waitress who didn’t really care about our thoughts we then got the same meal just re heated and now my friend is ill because chicken was cold then reheated I’m not happy and will not be eating here again very angry loyal customer

  45. Thomas Says:

    I was one of the people who laughed at Hellen Keller ( in real life a six foot solid Neanderthal from Scotland and built like a brick shit house.I am so sorry that I found this to be funny at the time and I am still thoroughly ashamed of myself. I now do charity work for the guide dogs for the blind and I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me

  46. Steve Blamire Says:

    hey mr spineless if this incident had happened to my mother the offending employee would not be walking for a month game over!

  47. A Mellor Says:

    WOW it is amazing how many people are seriously disgruntled with JD Wetherspoons I know exactly how everyone feels back in October 2012 my partners parents who came down from Scotland for a few days took us both out for a birthday meal and I suggested The Fleur-de-Lis in Banbury, boy I will never eat in there again we had the Chicken New Yorker, when the meal arrived the chips were still frozen and so were the peas, well the chicken you had to laugh we got the knife half way through and then we couldn’t go any further picked it up and it was completely burn’t could not eat it complained at the restaurant and was offered a complimentary dessert for the inconvianence, taking the piss there, when checking the receipt the cheek of them charged us for the meal seperatley to the drinks when we actually ordered the meal deal,
    well I logged a complaint on the website got a reply on 22nd October saying the following (word for word)

    Dear Ms ——

    Thank you for letting us know about your experience. I’m sorry that your visit was disappointing.

    I have passed your comments on to the area manager and the team responsible for the pub and they will look into this and get back to you.

    Once again thanks for taking the time to get in touch

    Yours sincerly
    Jodie Forde
    JD Wetherspoon plc

    well guess what three months down the line what have I received nothing not one word off them well I have now written back to them informing them of my disgust at the way they have handled this, lets see what happens now

  48. Matthew Armstrong Says:

    i agree that what happpened was wrong… but not all wetherspoons are the same, im an employee at one of their branches in the north east and all the staff are really friendly and u can have a laugh with them whenever u like, we even hire disabled persons as to not discriminate against disabled people, i dont know if this is a company wide initiative but what we do where i work i think is really note worthy.

  49. Brad P Says:

    This is an excellent pub and we locals do not want dogs in here.

    • Brad P Says:

      Dogs should stay outside at all times and should NOT be allowed in pubs, got it you plank?

    • Alba Barby Says:

      I think your the plank mate. These dogs give people an advantage in life some wouldn’t survive without there trained dogs why should disabled people miss out because ignorant people like you?

  50. Paddy Says:

    2 wks ago March 2013 Ivisited moon under the water,Boston.I ordered my drink,(which at 1st was served wrong )& without any fuss sat with friends.I had brought with me 2 mini pork pies & gave 1 to my uncle & 1 I ate myself.My uncle joked he wanted sauce,so I went &took a sachet from the condIment area.(yes I know this was wrong but we do spend good money in there)On seeing this the same person who got my drink wrong said something to me in a foreign accent which I couldn’t understand.When I asked her to repeat it,she swore & in a slow patronising voice sked if I didn’t understand English!!!I admit I swore back as I was shocked but proceeded to finish my food & drink before leaving with no more fuss.No managers or staff asked me to leave.My nxt visit I’m refused service on uIe grounds I was racist ,the managers wouldn’t listen to what I had to say,so I complained to head office.I received a letter saying sorry but we can’t do anything as the reason for barring is at the managers discretion.I am half Irish/English,have a Russian girlfriend(we are having our 1st baby :~) ) I have mixed raced relatives & friends of many nationalities but because I couldn’t understand someone accent I’m RACIST,Wetherspoons attitude absolutely stinks.They are the racist 1’s by discriminating against me for not understanding a foreign accent in England,if anyone has e-mail or contact details of director or ceo for this firm please post them as this incident has upset me & I cannot let this drop,many thanks

  51. Jools Says:

    I recently complained to Wetherspoons about an unacceptable experience we had on Easter Sunday whilst out with my mum, after waiting a week and getting no response I phoned the customer service department, I expalined I had made a compalint and a rude woman asked me my name said she would deal with it today and put the phone down, I phoned back and also stated to another advisor that I was very unhappy about having the phone put down on me when I hadn’t finished speaking, I wanted to know the time period that my complaint should be dealt with, guess what, there is none, there is no policy on an acceptable response time etc, the second advisor sounded bored and couldn’t wait to get me off the phone, shame the calls are not recorded, they could perhaps help to train their staff on how to behave in a professional manner towards customers. Lets face it if we didnt spend our money with them, they wouldnt have their job would they. Appalling attitude for people in this role representing a company.

  52. eileen de bont Says:

    here is happened to me and my diabled family at wetherspoons in chester yesterday

  53. manage a scholarship online Says:

    Everyone loves it when individuals get together and share thoughts.

    Great blog, stick with it!

  54. Andrew Says:

    I was to enjoy a meal at weatherspoons weatherspoons in landsdown Bournemouth, when a staff member/manerger decided to have a staff meeting next table to where I was sitting, so fare words of penus the manerger shouting across the room to a female bar member that smashed couple of glasses saying that’ll come out of your wages.
    I asked if they could keep it down as they all talked over each other to be told, WE ARE HAVING A STAFF MEETING LEAVE IF YOUR UNHAPPY. Shame on weatherspoons.

  55. Emma Says:

    Outrageous! There is no excuse for the ignorance shown by the manager- it’s very basic knowledge that assistance dogs are allowed everywhere. If they had accepted that their manager was at fault that would have been a start. To deny any responsibility for the distress caused to both ladies and the assistance dog is really bad. Having recently made a complaint to wetherspoon myself I can tell you that they also denied responsibility for poor standards and very rude staff. I won’t be going there again.
    I hope that both ladies are ok- particularly mum, and that a satisfactory result is achieved- keep pushing till it is- good luck!

  56. lynsey Says:

    Hi guys as a wetherspoons employee who has handed in my notice im gonna give you all some advice if you are not satisfied with head office then write to tim martin and he will get onto it as our pubs are no allowed to mistreat people like that.

  57. lynsey Says:

    Matthew armstrong i was a employee at one in telford and i got bullied in the end and i have epiilepsy it might not happen in every pub but it does in some if they are friendly where you are i was in the wrong pub then.

  58. Jay Says:

    Had the local town light switch on in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and went in to the observatory pub for a bite to eat afterwards with my friend, mother and two nieces, we had drinks while deciding on what food to have. I went to the bar to order and to be told that we could not order as we have kids with us and that kids had to be out by 7:30pm, this was at 7:50pm. However there is no signs telling you that kids have to be out by that time and the manager was a total arse and didn’t give a shit.
    Sod the head office it’s straight to the press for me and let them read about it for themselves with there morning breakfast

  59. Rob Says:

    Jay, you’re the arse. Your kids should not be in a pub like Wetherspoons at that time in the evening. There are no family only areas and Wetherspoons are not family friendly later on in the evening, their licences may not even allow children in at that time. You can’t be too bright if you haven’t figured that out. You need a lesson in parenting far more than any Wetherspoon staff do in customer service.

  60. gerry Says:

    Gil up to his tricks again. Good manager generally. He trained me and i was very successful in the trade. However he can be difficult. Running pubs is not an easy job. Health and safety have been known to take action against pubs who let in dogs of any kind. Im sure your get over it.

  61. Rob Says:

    Health and Safety taking action? Bullshit !. I’m NEBOSH qualified and have had plenty to do with retail outlets and the food trade. You can’t have animals in food preparation areas or anywhere that food ready for consumption is displayed, but you could legally have a restaurant full of pets if you wanted to allow it. Health and Safety rules would only apply in the same way as the general law as far as the Dangerous Dogs Act is concerned. You would be liable if you allowed a dog into your premises which was clearly dangerous. I know plenty of pubs where a landlord’s dog has the run of the place and customers love it. People in service industries who want to blame poor service on either Health and Safety or that other favourite,, the Data Protection Act, really piss me off.

  62. Roy Thompson Says:

    An Open Letter To The Directors and The Legal Department of The Pub Chain, Witherspoons. (I cannot find Wetherspoons address on the internet so I’ve written to The Guardian.)

    I write as a disabled person and shocked to see no references regarding this topic in your paper. Sorry, but the hundreds of thousands of us dotted across Britain have a different story to tell even if your paper prefers not to tell them. What about this one then.

    One morning last week, I stopped off at my local Witherspoons, The Romaney Rie in Dereham to have a Hot Chocolate which I had done since retiring several years ago from Teaching. No, I’m not a nut-case. But on this single occasion one of the members of Staff said to me “I’m very sorry but we have been told that we cannot help you any more.” What I was going to ask him to do was merely to help me to walk from my scooter and gently walk me to my chair, a couple of feet, to have my Hot Chocolate. He said that Derehams Area Manager had rung Witherspoons Legal Department to see what was to be done and they had responded by saying effectively, “Don’t touch him.” Something to do with the Health and Safety Legislation. This means that I shall not be able to have a morning Hot Chocolate in Witherspoons, nor anywhere else since there are not that many places in Dereham where you can get one.

    Now this piece of legislation often gets quoted in situations like this, where a disabled person requires help and the firm or organisation, whatever, “appears” not to want too help. I can see what the law is designed to do and I agree with this protection for the employee. But really, stopping me have my morning “cuppa” is what the outcome of his law will be.

    Perhaps the Directors or The Legal Department of Witherspoons would like to respond, or someone in government circles involved with the making of this law. I can hardly think that this was the intention of the law; to keep me from my morning “cuppa”. This is not what political revolutions are made of; To stop the working class have their morning “cuppa”.

  63. Robert S Says:

    There is NO Health and Safety legislation or ‘Law’ stating that a person cannot be assisted or touched. Blame the MORON interpreting Health and Safety for Wetherspoons. Weak willed people hide behind their own stuoid interpretations of law and 99% of the times Health and Safety or the Data Protection Act are quoted they are just an absurd excuse for inaction. The Health and Safety issue would most likely be that if an employee were assisting someone and they (the employee) strained their back, there would potentially be a claim against Wetherspoons. That’s what insurance policies are for. Some tiny waitress pulling a 25 stone hulk off the floor may well be a situation with could make for a serious claim – but common sense should prevail.

    • ARB Says:

      The problem isn’t that it is quite the opposite
      if a member of staff was assisting someone up and dropped that person and they broke a bone that person would be elegible to sue the member of staff who tryed to assist them

      • Robert S Says:

        Twaddle. They could only sue in the event of negligence and the risk is minute. That’s why businesses have liability insurance. There is no insurance company on the planet which excludes acts of kindness. Accidents are accidents and for there to be blame there has to be negligence. A blanket rule stating that customers must not be assisted in more likely to result in legal action and in some circumstances even criminal proceedings for failing in a ‘duty of care’ . Wetherspoons are scared of being sued by their staff far more than by customers.

  64. Anne Jordan Says:

    I am currently barred from Wetherspoons for having had a seizure epileptic in their pub in Morecambe

    • Anne Jordan Says:

      When I complained and brought press in they banned my partner they said for an unrelated incident but only goes there with me so it had to be related or they were making it up to bar me by back door. I know one I believe.

  65. terence jerrom Says:

    one day all this will turn around and bite tim martin on the arse

  66. Adrian garrett Says:

    I am currently in the middle of a complaint,although I can identify with your own as I have a deaf son going for cochlear implant surgery and he is on a waiting list for a hearing dog,I am an ex employee of one of their pubs,I was sacked nearly 2 years ago I admit it was not a fantastic way to leave bit I have been in twice a month ever since up until St Patrick’s day,I went in with my family three young children my partner and two close friends,both my friends were served a drink by the duty manager and we all seated ourselves down ,I went to the bar and a member of staff came and told me I wasn’t to be served until the pub manager had a word with me ,my partner enquired was it just myself or the whole table,upon request the duty !manager at no time would speak with us,she sent a message back with the staff member that no one in our party were to be served food or drink,even though my two friends had been served by the same manager ten minutes before,my youngest daughter is autistic and does not cope well with drastic change and was extremely affected by having to up and leave in the rain my friends were embarrassed and I was actually dumbfounded ! I contacted the manager but he would not answer his phone I further contacted his partner (who happens to be a manager) informing them that I don’t wish to take this far but I would have to contact head office,I was replied to with a text “phone head office all you want” that’s the mentality we are dealing with here,I received a letter this morning from head office who have all of the above information,and they said that in matters of customer barring it is pub specific and they cannot help me further,so taken as read me my partner three kids and two valued friends are effectively barred?! I have not been told one way or the other and am at a complete loss

  67. Trevor Says:

    I am barred from Eric Bartholomew in Morecambe as my wife had full blown epileptic seizure and to Barr her they barred me. Customer services say it is pub specific actually I can put it down to exact Manager specific. As it happens found there was a whole trade I had missed out on where service, food and drink 100 times better than Wetherspoons. Cloudy beer never drew it off quality atrocious, a small mixed grill you could use to sole your shoes, and For all these years put up with it.

  68. miss fed up with ignorance Says:

    I am disgusted with weatherspoons Broughtyferry Dundee ,Ihave already made a complaint about a member of staff that works there ,she has a number of fraud convictions and they re aware of this but fail to take it in too consideration . She continues to handle the publics money and deals with their till well more fool them .

  69. Sharon Says:

    They are out of order touching your mum as it is legally classed as abh if u contact a free advice solicitor. He could of bruised an elderly person

  70. YorkshireRob Says:

    Sharon, please go back to America or wherever you got your daft legal definition from. I wonder how many solicitors’ offices you have been laughed out of? You might also like to brush up in your English language skills and keep text language away from online posts. Much as many of us dislike the customer service (or lack thereof) in Wetherspoons it is a fact that retail establishments can choose not to serve any customer, as long as discrimination is not a factor.

  71. Donna Hill Says:

    Having visiting the Dragon Inn Hurst street birmingham I was very disappointed that on a night before going to the theater my husband and daughter and myself came for dinner. It was a Wednesday night chicken night but went to order chicken strips but they had none went to order weagherspoons sharer for two and was told none left then went to order a cider thatchers was told their was a problem with it had to then wait 45 min for food but was told 25 so was late for theater.

  72. ann Says:

    my beef is that you can drink coffee constantly but cannot get another cup of tea i am not a coffee drinker but by the time dinner came to me my tea was drunk but could not get another unless i paid for it i tried to tell them that the dinner was very late in arriving
    to us but with no avail so will not be back

  73. Craig Says:

    I’ve worked for wetherspoons for 6 years in the past and we used to have a regular (who was completely blind) come in with his guide dog, I, myself, always made sure he had a space at the bar and made to feel welcome 100% of the time, as should all wetherspoons employee’s. Your letter is spot on, the threat of media will certainly turn heads as the attitude of this man is horrific.

    I may change the wording to subtly imply that you COULD go to the media, if an unsatisfactory reply is given, and that you do not wish to. But by all means, be prepared to do just that. I wish you all the best in your efforts as this should never have been an issue

  74. william winterburn Says:

    We visited the Wetherspoons pub in Winchester 2 weeks ago , They had tables & chairs out the front on the public pavement . no visible signs banning dogs sitting outside. When we nearly finished our first drink we were politely ask to leave as dogs are not allowed to sit inside or outside ,surely its a public pavement how can they deny dogs to sit there? The people on the next table who had been admiring & stroking the dogs , also commented how well behaved they were, they also left the pub in protest at our dogs being asked to vacate the area. Keep up with the times Wetherspoons, Bill

    • Lynsey Ash Says:

      I worked for wetherspoons and I said the day I don’t get why they don’t have signs outside saying no dogs inside or outside except assistance dogs only so they haven’t changed that was 5 years ago

      • Wiliam Winterburn Says:

        Hi I agree they need to put signs up or even grow up , ok some people do not want dogs where they eat ,so go inside lots of room& no dogs. Our dogs are our family they go where we go especially sitting outside a pub on the floor of a public pavement.. Writing to Tim Martin i believe would be a waste of time as I have already written & phoned head office . But naturally they just say its policy. So i won’t use Wetherspoons again , there are many Dog friendly Pubs who allow doga in or outside as long as they are well behaved . So Wetherspoons loss not mine . Bill

  75. Lynsey Ash Says:

    As a former worker of wetherspoons that manager shouldn’t be one he isn’t trained enough by the sounds. I had heard of hearing dogs when I was a kid and that’s many years ago. You need to write to Tim Martin or that manager will think he can always get away with it.

  76. Roy A. Says:

    Friends and I visited a Weatherspoons some years ago. Not knowing dogs were banned, we went inside with two dogs. But nobody objected, we were served and sat outside. We bought two more rounds, then the manageress said we had to leave immediately because dogs were banned. We objected, and were told a sign outside said dogs were banned. When we looked, the six foot sign outside mentioned dogs in the bottom two inches. Have never been back.

  77. Michelle Hardy Says:

    I visited a weatherspoon in downham market , we were sat in the garden with my assistance dog we’d been there for a good hour we’d even got a bowl of water for my dog anyway a manager came out n told me to leave the building as my dog was not welcome firstly I said I wasn’t in the building I was in the garden so she told me not to be rude . Believe me that was not rude , even my partner explained that our pug was an assistance dog we wer just waiting for his new harness to arrive but wer still told to leave . So with that we left I shall not be going to another weatherspoons again I think that they need training in how to speak to disabled people very very rude !!!

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