Hasselback Potatoes

hasselback potatoes

Sometimes called saddleback potatoes, this is kind of a cross between roast and baked potato. Something a little different for an ordinary midweek dinner. Plus it looks pretty.

Sorry about the rubbishness of the photo. You get the idea though.


Potatoes. However many you’d like. Big, small or medium. Medium-sized are the easiest to cut.
Olive oil

The Cooking

Heat the oven to about 210C/410F.

It’s up to you whether you peel the potatoes. I don’t, because the skin is where the goodness is, so says mums everywhere. Now cut the potato in slices, making sure you only slice about 3/4 of the way through. Handy hint: put the potato in a big spoon or ladle and the edges of the spoon will prevent the knife from slicing all the way through.

Pour over some oil and rub it all over the potatoes, trying to get some in the slices. The potato won’t fan very easily but don’t worry it will once cooked. Sprinkle over some salt. Put the potatoes into the oven and cook them for about 45 minutes. Halfway through give them a bit of a shake and a little more oil, which should now slip into the slices more easily.

That’s it! You could grate some cheese over it if you like, or sour cream, or whatever you like. I had mine with ham in parsley sauce. Very nice.


32 Responses to “Hasselback Potatoes”

  1. Sharon J Says:

    They look positively scrumptious. I must give them a go some time very soon. Thanks for posting the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rose Says:

    The potato-in-a-spoon thing is genius, thanks for posting this! I cooked your kheema matar for dinner tonight and it was delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ginger Says:

    I’ve never cooked these before but an article in a magazine I read yesterday reminded me to try them. And now you’ve made them too. It must be a sign!

  4. Katie Says:

    I love hasselback potatoes – we always used to have them with sunday dinner when I was a child, but never made them myself. Fond memories.

  5. Endorphins Says:

    I never would have thought to do that to a potato. Will give it a try tonight. Looks wonderful!

  6. MyKitchenInHalfCups Says:

    Sorry, this is the potato I love!

  7. Iteki Says:

    Hasselback yep, invented at the Hasselback hotel in Stockholm. Hasselback = hazel hill.

    Just dropping by to see if you have a good casserole recipe because after the wonderful shepards pie I am ready to branch out!

  8. Kitchenslave Says:

    Hi! Try scattering a few breadcrumbs on top before roasting- I believe that’s part of the original recipe- makes them looks even tastier & different!

  9. B Kay Says:

    I prepared them. I used breadcrumbs as a topping (after baking for 20 mins). They were absolutely fabulous.

  10. Judie Says:

    I would love to have you share this wonderful recipe with my readers:


    All my best

  11. Ruth Says:

    I do these quite often. The best thing about this method is that they cook much faster than regular roast or baked potatoes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also works with a smear of butter or marg between the slices instead of oil (Tho must try using oil and a pastry brush :-))

  12. Rebecca Monk Says:

    This looks very yummy and they seem really easy to cook!

  13. Murtuza Charania Says:

    Hi, this is truly a great recipe, I have made this with a twist. Hoping that I can share it here. I do not slice the potatoes but bake with skin on, olive oil, salt and pepper. Once they are baked cut into two. Scoop the mass from the centre. Mix the potato mass and cheese and stuff it back ito the potatoes. Top with Cheese and bake for another 5 mins or till cheese melts. Its surely yummy and my kids just love it.

    Thanks for this new idea I am gonna try the sliced version this weekendโ€ฆ

    Sorry posted this on another recipe earlier…

    Murtuza (http://foodmypassionindia.blogspot.com)

  14. hawaiianbrooklynite Says:

    ooooooo…just browsing around..it’s midnite here in okinawa and my kids are down for the nite and the hubby is passsed out in the parlor floor from studying the pass 2 weeks…he has a big dive instructor’s test 2morrow, so i need to wake him in a few..saw this recipe and made it. tastes soo good and it’s soo simple..having it with orion beer. 2morrow’s saturday so i don’t need to get up and go anywhere………..great recipe….mahalo!

  15. Thomas Bosch Says:

    Wow, those look amazing! And to think that it is that easy is just crazy. I definitely will be making these some day.

    I like the photo as well, certainly better than I could do!

  16. Tom Says:

    ooooo good! my mother used microwave a potato then cut it in half, score it and add cajun spices before popping it in the oven for a bit to crisp it up.

    potatoes. i love ’em


  17. Tom Says:

    p.s. i stumbled this ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sasha Says:

    These are just adorable = ]

    Probably good for serving guests; they look all fancy and don’t require a day’s work.

  19. Terry Says:

    Like the idea of using a ladle, but its also possible to thread a skewer 2/3-3/4 of the way through and cut to that. Works with all sizes of potato ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. agrandar pene Says:

    I really like hassebacks potato. Even though you are not making something very special it tastes different.

  21. Izzy Says:

    Ok, I have just GOT to save this recipe. Looks terrific!

  22. TasteOMatic Says:

    […] can be found here. No Comments by Izzy on January 23, 2010 filed in Uncategorized tagged quick & easy, Sides, […]

  23. Banaby Dorfman Says:

    I really like mine with fresh grated high quality parmesan cheese…it creates a bit of a crunchy crust on top!

    We’ve got some really nice photos: http://www.foodista.com/recipe/VP4LDZ3T/hasselback-potatoes

  24. morsomsom Says:

    It ain’t proper hasselbackspotatis if you don’t peel them. the picture doesn’t look anything like real hasselback potatoes.

  25. chuck Says:

    OMG the potatoes really look delicious! Getting hungry while i look on your post! yum yum yum!

  26. Alli Says:

    My Dad
    makes the best basselback potatoes. He put two chop stickes either side of the halved potato and then slices. This means you can’t slice all the way through.
    He also alway peels them. A must!!!

  27. Mobile Disco Says:

    They look fantastic

  28. Mark Says:

    That sounds like a fantastic idea. great work

  29. Carl Says:

    The picture made my mouth water. What a novel idea for a variation on the traditional baked potato. Guess what we will be having for lunch today.

  30. Paul Says:

    These look amazing, I can almost taste them just from the photo.

    Great tip about using a spoon to prevent cutting all the way through!

  31. Annie Brown Says:

    yum! enjoyed reading the recipes, potatoes have a whole new perspective for me now

  32. keith Says:

    Brilliant with grated cheese and onion.

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