How much is a “knob” of butter?

A knob (heh) of butter usually means about a walnut-sized lump.

45 Responses to “How much is a “knob” of butter?”

  1. bristle Says:

    is that a shelled or an unshelled walnut size?


  2. 101things Says:

    A whole shelled walnut-sized lump. Not an enormous one, just a normal-sized one.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well ive been using golf-ball sized knobs of butter, is that bad?

  4. Me Says:

    Yes its bad, i bet your the size of a house!!

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. melissa Says:

    so really how big is that? and how do you measure that?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i made some pasta tonight and it said too add two knobs of butter, i mean i wasn’t gonna do it the size of me cock for sure that would have been big) but for some reason i used to much ill use less next time. So how muchshall i use people what is a knob of butter?

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hell with you british bastards. 😀

    • Amber Schaefer Says:

      Well we brought you soccer (as English only say football because they didn’t want to sound too “Amerinca”, true story), rock and roll, blues, country and western (and let’s face it music in general), oh yeah also your COVID vaccine, pennicilin, first on the moon, laser printer, mouse pads, personal computers, anything Apple, weed whacker, email, anit-lock brakes, video game consoles, cell phones, voicemail, microwave popcorn, electronic spreadsheet, 3D printing, disposable contact lenses, Hubble space scope, photoshop, Google, Adobe, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, wi-fi, human geno map.

      Thank God you have Americans, oh wait, you don’t, you lost that war. Have a good day mate.

      I think it’s better to ask what have the Brits done for us in the 20th or 21st century? Now why don’t you really just get on bored instead of being ignorant. You completely DESTROY that you you have ANY manners, by demeaning what we have actually brought to the world. This coming from a woman dating man in Britain (also we brought internate dating).

  10. Joshua Says:

    Hell with you british bastards. 😀

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i bet you got a tiny cock if its only the size of a knob

  12. shae Says:

    walnut size piece of butter is around 2 Tablesoons

  13. big cock Says:

    i have big cock

  14. i hate usa Says:

    anonymous your a american you cant call us bastars your the american pric so suck out

  15. Elizabeth. Says:

    Oh lawd, that was mature.
    I generally look at the recipe in question and decide what the butter needs to be used for.
    If it’s a baking recipe (pastries, cookies, cakes etc) I tend to add a bigger “knob” of butter using a normal dinner spoon.
    If it’s just like a stirfry, stovetop recipe, then generally just a scoop of butter with a normal dinner spoon,

  16. The Gnome Says:

    In cooking. You learn that a ‘knob of butter’ is the amount you use to make it taste right for your pallet! When it taste correct for you, that is the right amount! Simple.

    In baking. It is very similar apart from you only know when it is the right amount after you have baked and tasted it. And you therefore remember till next time or write it down (recipes)

  17. Bells Says:

    I find this really helpful and yes british food is hard to swallow

  18. Bells Says:

    Although the ‘heh’after knob is totally dumb you armature

    • The Gnome Says:

      I ask ‘Bells’ purely because you have no command of the ENGLISH language, an ‘Armateur’ is either:
      a. the part of an electric machine that includes the main current-carrying winding and in which the electromotive force is induced.
      b. the pivoted part of an electric device, as a buzzer or relay, that is activated by a magnetic field.
      c. the iron or steel applied across the poles of a permanent magnet to close it, or across the poles of an electromagnet to transmit a mechanical force.
      d. the protective covering of an animal or plant, or any part serving for defense or offense.
      e. a skeletal framework built as a support on which a clay, wax, or plaster figure is constructed.

      [C15: from Latin armātūra armour, equipment, from armāre to furnish with equipment.

      Yes from the 15th century before you stole our language and everything else you muppet.

      I’d love to invite you around for food. Hopefully you’ll choke?

      Feckin’ septic!

  19. The Gnome Says:

    Who is the amateur you talk of ‘Bells’? Pray tell?

  20. kyana churr bro Says:

    wtf reading this all sounds like people at my school fighting r u guys adults well u need to grow up and america is awesome coz theres like heaps of famous people and like yeah it rocks even though i live in new zealand i llllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee usa britian stinkz

  21. kyana churr bro Says:


  22. roscoe Says:

    so i hear you like mudkips

  23. Emma Says:

    guys come on!!! the original question was about how much a knob of butter was not which is a better country. im a proud brit from a country where manners are important and reading the above comments from both sides of the atlantic is truly pathetic! I, as well as many other brits, love america and im actually visiting next week and if i encounter any of this kinda crap, my manners will go straight out the window. Stop being ignorant and get on with it!

  24. bill Says:

    ok after seeing all the comments what the hell happend

  25. Mary Says:

    In America, butter or margarine is sold in 1 pound boxes, 4 sticks to a box, so one stick is 1/4 pound, with a volume of 1/2 cup.
    Each stick is usually wrapped in a paper with tablespoon markings, 8 tablespoons per stick.
    Our measuring teaspoons are about 5 ml. Our measuring tablespoons equal 3 teaspoons.

  26. Mary Queen of Scots Says:

    This is soooo funny. I came upon this site because I was trying to make bubble and squeak and honestly didn’t know what a knob of butter was. I guess I know now and also know how crazy both you Brits and we Americans are. Someone is so proud of the size of his member he can find any excuse to fit it into a conversation. God love us!

  27. How Much Is A Cooking Spoon | We Get Healthy Says:

    […] How much is a “knob” of butter? | 101 Things Every … – Jan 16, 2007 · The Gnome Says: November 1, 2011 at 6:48 am. In cooking. You learn that a ‘knob of butter’ is the amount you use to make it taste right for your pallet!… […]

  28. anonymous Says:

    African or European knob?

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