Chicken Stock & Bonito Flakes

chicken stock

Following yesterday’s roast chicken, today is chicken stock. There are as many recipes for stock as there are cooks, and mine tend to just be what I have in the fridge. Although I think with stock, it’s important to know when to leave well enough alone. If you chuck a load of garbage in, it’ll taste like garbage.

As you can see from the picture, today’s stock contains one chicken carcass, one leek, several shallots (I didn’t have any onions in), about 10 peppercorns, some mushrooms and some sage leaves (left over from the Saltimbocca). And water, of course.

It’s been on the hob for about two hours now. I reckon another hour or so and it’ll be done. The flat smells chicken-y.


We were in central London for Mother’s Day today, and after a meal of steak and kidney pudding and mashed potatoes, I went to the Japan Centre and got some bonito flakes.

They’re dried fish flakes. Now I need to get some kombu (seaweed) I can make dashi, a Japanese stock. Then I can make noodle soup. I am so looking forward to that.


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