A great food day

cooked breakfast

This is how the day began, with a full cooked breakfast. Alex had sausages and fried potatoes, I had mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. We both had bagels and scrambled eggs with parmasan and Heinz baked beans. It’s a good way to start a saturday.

Then there was the Saturday farmers market, where I found some deep red neck of mutton. That’s Irish Stew ready to go. Mutton’s becoming more fashionable lately, which explains its appearance at the farmers market. My nan, who was from Tipperary, used to make me Irish stew often when I was little. I wish she was still around so I could ask her how she made it. As it, I’ll have to work it out for myself.

And then, the highlight of my Saturday, the oysters from the fishmongers. And today, they were free. That’s oysters, the bestest food ever, for NO MONEY. The man before me had ordered a dozen and the fishmonger misunderstood him and opened two by accident. So he just gave them to me. TOO COOL.

Then, Mr B and I spent several important hours reading the saturday papers in the pub.

This evening, I made a roast chicken dinner. If I thought about it too much, a roast chicken dinner would intimidate me. As it was, I was a cookery dynamo and pulled together the main elements in half an hour.

I slathered the smallish chicken in olive oil, salt and pepper and put in it the oven at 200C and set the timer for an hour. I peeled the parsnips and parboiled them for 15 minutes, then put them in the oven with the chicken. I put an entire head of garlic in a little Le Crueset thing a friend got me for my birthday (you can see it in the photo below). I peeled potatoes and put them in a pan ready for later boiling.

When the oven timer had 20 mins left, I put the potatoes on to boil. Unsurprisingly, they boiled. When they were reasy I got the roasting garlic out of the oven, smushed it and then Mr B made an excellent mash, as he always does.

The parsnips needed moving around a couple of time. They were ready at the same time as the chicken.

roast chicken

Mr B made the gravy. I won’t even begin to describe how to make good gravy, because that’s entirely his area.

I boiled up some frozen peas. On the table it looked like this:

roast chicken dinner

A darling dinner for two on a Saturday. This photo doesn’t do it nearly enough justice.


3 Responses to “A great food day”

  1. chef alex Says:

    hey try, puttng knobs of butter, between the skin and flesh, can be flavoured. cook root vegetables like carrots, baby potatoes along with the fat released from the chicken and instead of peas use shelled broad beans. cooked yesterday, brilliant. by the way foul medames are pronounced fool and i am cookin them tonite. can send a recipe if intrested

  2. Ségolène Says:

    Try cutting slits in the chicken and inserting half-cloves of garlic in the flesh before roasting. Very French!

  3. guri Says:

    can anyone tel me some simpler recipe 4 roast chicken??????????pllllllzzzzzzzzz….

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