Dedicated Follower of Cookbooks


You know what I can’t stand? People who say “Oh, I never follow a recipe. I just put things in a pan and somehow it all comes together.” Oh yeah? I’d like to see how your souffles come out. Go on, show me how to bone a duck.

I love my cookbooks. I read them in bed. I don’t always follow them religiously and there are at least three in the above line-up that I have never actually cooked anything from. But who cares? Half the joy of food is in the thinking of it and in reading about it. I hate being made to feel bad for not being spontaneous. There’s a reason why recipes exist and it’s to HELP US COOK WELL. I’m willing to subjugate my idea of what might be a really great twist on a meal to the principal of always following a recipe for the first time you make a food. You can always try it with the twist later, but if you don’t know what you’re doing then for god’s sake listen to someone who does.

Occasionally I try to start notebooks (lovely, moleskin ones, from those shops with the froo-froo presents) all neatly with lists and ideas for recipes from cookbooks that I’d like to cook. But then they get messy and out of date and I get cross with them. I just can’t do it. And that’s why I’ll always love my cookbooks.


Quiche equipment located

I love poundshops.

Say you need a quiche dish. You’re not going to makes quiches all that often, you just want to have a go at it. So you go to your local cookshop and look at the flan dishes and they are nine of your English pounds. NINE. Then you go to your poundshop. And they are ONE of your English pounds. That is a rip-on, not a barg-out. And now I can proceed with the quiche-making.