Cooking Mojo

There’s been no updates this week because injury has ruined my cooking mojo. Last Sunday I was draining some potatoes, splashed some boiling water on my hand, which made me jerk my arm, which made me pour boiling water all down my leg. It hurt a lot, there is scarring. I am teh genius.

Subsequently I have burned onions, made rock-hard bread rolls and made a fish stock that somehow ended up green. It’s not been a good week cooking-wise. On the plus side, I did knock up an excellent roast chicken today.

I’m filming a new Channel 5 show this week called Cooking The Books. Let’s hope the mojo improves before then.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the current contents of my fridge. I like how one of the onions in the vegetable drawer looks like a boob. Heh.



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