Let’s talk about YOU.

Hello lovely 101 Things readers. I think you might like to know a little about yourselves (as a group – I’m assuming you’re quite familiar with your own person). An average of 500 people read this site every day and in the last 24 hours I’ve had visitors from Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka in Balagadesh, Manama in Bahrain, Isreal, Cyprus, Berlin, Latvia, Barcelona, Melbourne, Saskatoon, Hollywood, New York, Texas, and everywhere in the UK from Aberdeen to Truro. Isn’t that cool?

Some of you hang around for an hour or more, some of you just pop in and dash off again. Most of you get here via a google search or recently via the Guardian food blogs site, where they’ve just listed me as one of their “Faves”, bless their fluffy socks. Quite a lot of you seem to have this site bookmarked or use the RSS feed, which is great.

Comment, tell me who you are, ask me a question, whatever you like.


10 Responses to “Let’s talk about YOU.”

  1. democritus90 Says:

    Personally, I have the RSS feed for your blog on my Google homepage so i can see when a new article is posted, and that’s when I visit. Occasionally I will use it as reference for an article I read in the past, or just to browse if I’m feeling hungry/cook-y. 🙂

  2. rowangolightly Says:

    I just signed up for a WordPress account so I can comment here!

    I found you on LiveJournal’s FoodSnobbery group and am hooked. I’ve bookmarked you and will be coming to visit whenever I’m looking for something fun or different.

    Friends think of me as a fabulous cook but I’m really a dabbler; unafraid to try things and with great luck in how they turn out. I have my own garden and love cooking things from it, especially for an appreciative hubby and friends. My specialty seems to be brunches the morning after parties.

    So thanks for the inspiration! And yes, I AM wearing fluffy socks! *lol*

  3. carlamoose004 Says:

    I have you listed on my blog under “Food Blogs I Read.” I don’t remember how I found you. Probably got bored and started blog hopping. I prefer baking over cooking, although now that I cook for myself, I am learning new recipes. I tried your pea and potato curry, but I don’t remember if I left a comment.

  4. mjfs007 Says:

    I joined the exodus from London to the West Country ( just outside Bath ) just over a year ago. Hoping to be instantly surrounded by a luscious choice of local produce, the reality has been harder work – Farmer’s Markets flogging chewy Wild Boar sausages, over-priced organic stores and deli’s. Some of the farm shops are just that – a dodgy grocer stuck on the side of a barn. But with a bit of research and alot of CO2 emissions I’ve got nearly everything I want – great butcher, good value tasty local vegetables and a place to buy Smoked Paprika at 7pm on a Sunday. My kitchen has never been busier.

    Good to see a messy hob too – mine’s filthy.

  5. 101things Says:

    Thanks for the compliment rowangolightly, I’m glad you like the site 🙂

    mjfs007 – I’m a citygirl myself. The idea of living more than quarter of an hour from the nearest lemon is terrifying. Congratulations on finding good sources though.

  6. londongolfer Says:

    I’m having a wee bash at your sausage, with lentil casserole thingamejig wotsit face. I’ve added some booze and honey, as I didn’t have any bacon or worcester sauce. Not I admit the alternatives most immediately obvious from among the food kingdom, but without wanting to appear cocky, I am quietly confident it will passable, largely unaided, by the human digestive tract.

    Great blog.

    If I survive the sausage, I’ll have a crack at boulangere potatoes.

  7. misslionheart Says:

    I don’t know where I found you, either! But you’ve been on my blogroll for yonks…

    I’m English, living in Ireland btw

  8. learningwoman Says:

    You’re one of two food blogs on my blogroll. I come for inspiration and to look at the beautiful pictures 🙂

  9. dango Says:

    I found your site through Stumble! and I love it! Great ideas here and a lot of variety in recipes. I have you bookmarked and am one of those who keep popping back in.

  10. Rebekah Says:

    … I typed in to Google “what can I cook?” as I thought it would provide a solution for my current state of boredom. And then I stumbled across your site. HOW EXCELLENT.
    P.S – I’m 17, from Australia and an avid cook.

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