Allrecipes Competition

Here’s a chance to win £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers:

Calling all Cookery Masterminds!

To celebrate the launch of Allrecipes in the UK, we (101 Things Every Cook Should Cook) and our friends at Waitrose are offering you the chance to win £100 worth of grocery vouchers by proving you know your basil from your bay leafs!

To prove yourself as the UK’s Cookery Mastermind you will need to do the following:

1. Find the answers to the five questions listed below

2. Take the first letter of each answer to make a secret code

3. If your guess is correct you could stand a chance of winning a bumper weeks grocery shopping

1. What type of cheese is needed to make Nanmurat’s legendary salad? Hint: Click here –

2. What dish is commonly associated with Burns Night? Hint: Click here –

3. The Cobb Salad was invented in which country? Hint: Click here –

4. What type of bean does Sarah Howard describe as optional within her Homemade Baked Beans? Hint: Click here –

5. Polly Welby’s heavenly chocolate moouse does not include which poultry product? Hint: Click here –

Got your code? Click here – to enter

Good luck and happy cooking!


3 Responses to “Allrecipes Competition”

  1. Quentin Says:

    Did you mean to make those links actual links?

  2. tim tam Says:

    i hope i win i’ll give it a go!

  3. australian food Says:

    thanks for this opportunity i will certainly get into it sounds great ciao!

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