In four weeks’ time I shall be the freshly married Mrs B, and will be getting the Eurostar to Paris. Four days in Paris, the overnight train to Venice, five days in Venice, train to Florence, 5 days in Florence. I can’t even tell you how exciting this is. We are going to EAT FOR BRITAIN.

Initially I began looking up Michelin restaurants, and then I realised there’s no way on earth we can afford to eat at an Alain Ducasse restaurant or stay at the Cipriani. And so I decided that Michelin restaurants are ridiculous, which is a very convenient conclusion to come to when you can’t afford them. So we’ve asked our French friends, and will probably blunder about a bit, and ask about a bit, and hope for the best. CAN’T WAIT. TOO EXCITED.


6 Responses to “Excitement”

  1. annamaryse Says:

    I only ever ate in one of the world’s 100 best restaurants one time, and it was in Milan, and I was the guest of an Austrian Count who was descended from the Knights of Malta… and so he paid. It was an awesome event, will never forget it.

    That said, the best dinners I had in Italy were in hole in the wall family places where locals abounded, forget Michelin, I agree.

    I was at a wedding party last night – bride & groom had their wedding in Bora Bora then came home (to Los Angeles) and had reception – catered by 3 diverse local ethic restaurants so we had a fabulous smorgasborg of delights.. from carne asada to thai kebabs I was insane for.

    Venice tho.. what an awesome awesome place to spend 5 days. Have a beee-youuuu-tiful time and please post piccies. And congrats!

  2. Denzylle Says:

    For Florence and Venice, check out the Italy section under ‘labels’ on:


  3. lynne8 Says:

    So happy for you, you must be on cloud nine. Have a wonderful wedding!! I’ll be thinking of you and you better post more recipes soon!!

  4. Lizzie Says:

    Ahhh, Venice. Venice is wonderful. I think I got RSI in my camera clicking finger when I went, everything is just so damn beautiful. Al Covo near Arsenale http://www.cntraveller.co.uk/Special_Features/10_best_Italian_restaurants/Al_Covo/ is great and good value for money.

  5. Carla Says:

    Sounds like my dream honeymoon, going to Paris and Italy. Maybe you could stop over at Greece too. Enjoy your time and eat lots of food!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi – just stumbled across your blog looking for a potato/pea curry recipe. Check out blogger David Lebovitz for ideas about Paris restaurants and Paris’s fantastic fresh food markets. You don’t have to eat at Michelin starred restaurants to eat well in Paris (I live in Paris!), but if you want to try one as a special honeymoon treat think about going at lunch time when you can get a prix fixe menu with the same great food and lower prices. Congratulations and have a wonderful trip.


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