Tinned meat to make a bolognaise? What are you thinking? You’ve let your audience down, you’ve let the BBC down, but most of all, you’ve let yourself down.

*shakes head sadly*

2 Responses to “Delia”

  1. smilespray Says:

    I had to download that show to see for myself. Absolutely disgusting.

    As for her wine, I tried the non-alcoholic cooking variant a few months ago as the state-run boozorama over here in Norway was closed over christmas. It was sickly sweet and ruined the food.

    Wonder why she didn’t use pickled basil leaves… 🙂

  2. smilespray Says:

    …and so Easter is descending on Norway. Which is a day and a half before just about anywhere else.

    I have just finished watched a truly disturbing cooking show by Delia Smith. The reviews have all panned the episode. (Canned meat? Why don’t you just get some takeaway, honey?)

    Granted, this series s not for the food connoisseur. It’s for people who don’t have the time or confidence to make anything more elaborate. But how about teaching people that making good food doesn’t have to take much time?

    The “mom” and religious segments did not do me any good in selling me on the whole conceppt. Your mileage, as the yanks say, may vary.

    Now, two sirloin steaks and a couple of glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon later, I feel (un)tainted enough to let this diem horribilis pass.

    No, I never took latin.

    (Come on, you other lurkers. We know you’re out there!)

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