Going Web 2.0 (at last)

Look at the bottom of this post. See those clicky little icons? They mean you can now del.icio.us, blinklist, furl, digg, ma.gnolia, stumbleupon, simpy, newsvine, reddit, fark and tailrank any post they appear on. Good, eh?

You can also click the “Add to google” button to the right there and it’ll add this blog to your google homepage or reader, so you’ll be automatically updated when a new post is made.

What that means is for you is that you can add this blog to your favourite social bookmarking site and share them with other people.

What it means for me is you can now go forth and pimp my site. Stumble me, digg me, reddit me on your favourite recipes/posts – I’ll love you for it. I don’t get paid a single English penny for this site (no adverts, see?), but I do love it when people try my recipes and like them.

Plus, this blog’s being featured in Delicious, a national cookery magazine next month and then there’ll be lots of people here. It’ll be vulgar. You got here first, make sure you let people know it.

add to del.icio.us :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: add to simpy :: seed the vine :: :: :: TailRank


2 Responses to “Going Web 2.0 (at last)”

  1. democritus90 Says:

    Awesome, you are now Stumbled. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is great for me because I always forget to check your blog and have to read a month’s worth of entries at a time. Now it will show up on my Google homepage!

  2. 101things Says:

    Cheers for the Stumble ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love how you can add it to your Google homepage, it’s like magic!

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