Britain’s Best Dish

This Saturday I am auditioning for a new ITV programme called Britain’s best Dish. I have to go along and pitch an original recipe to a panel of judges and if they like me and/or the idea, I’ll go through to the next round which will be filmed and I’ll get to cook the dish for them. I guess it’s a kind of Masterchef, but with one dish. The judges are Jilly Goulden, John Burton-race and Ed Bains, which is quite exciting.

I have decided to do a kheema shepherd’s pie, which is basically a combination of my kheema mattar and shepherd’s pie. I’ve practiced the dish a few times and made a few alterations and I think it’s tasting good. This Saturday I won’t actually be cooking the food, just talking to the judges about it and telling them why it’s such a great dish. I plan to say that it’s because it’s a great combination of an Indian spices and classic British cooking, which is really what some of the best British food is all about nowadays. It’s easy to make vegetarian – just substitute the mince for cooked puy lentils – and it’s a great way to get children or fussy eaters to try some spices they might otherwise not go for. It’s a dish anyone in Britain can make and enjoy and be proud of.

Wish me luck. I will of course let you know how I get on.


5 Responses to “Britain’s Best Dish”

  1. lynne8 Says:

    lots and lots of luck to you. Post the complete recipe when you have tweaked it and it’s done, I’d love to try it!

  2. Richard Says:

    So tell me – how did you get on??

  3. Julian Roger Says:

    Good luck and see you there, I got through

  4. Mark Alexander Says:

    I too had an audition with all three of the judges. I have been trying to get some coaching from the pro chefs for ages. I have been a little sneaky and tried to get on a show called Kitchen Criminals, I had that audition first and failed to get on, now this show was for people who couldnt cook. I wrecked a toad in the hole on purpose, and it failed. The next show that I tried to get on was Britians Best Dish. Now I really can cook and I pushed the boat out for this show. I made chicken stuffed with lobster meat and figs served with Mange Tout and Yukon gold mash sitting on a lobster sauce. I hired a pro photographer at a cost of £150.00 and took the photos to the audition in manchester. Of course when I walked into the room and saw John Burton Race sat there I knew that was the end of the road. I was write, he saw me at an audition when I was saying I couldnt cook and now here Iam saying that I can cook. I complained when I got home but It fell on deaf ears. Never mind though I will not give up I am determined to have some good coaching off an expert.

  5. 101things Says:

    If you really want some professional coaching, perhaps you should pay for it. If you can afford to get £150 profesional photos done of your food, you can afford to pay for a cookery course. That’d be better than cheating to get on TV.

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