Hello peeps

I’ve had a sudden peak in viewings and I’m wondering where my new readers are from. Have I been printed somewhere? Are people talking about me? Are you looking at me right now? Why? What do you want from me?

I’ve spent the weekend practising a kheema shepherd’s pie recipe that I’m pitching to the Britain’s Best Dish audition next week. It’s very pleasureable because there’s little better than making a mash-based pie. I’m investing much of my dish in the mash being made from Vivaldi potatoes, which I love. You can only get them from Sainsburys at the moment, which is a scandal because they’re incredible. Light and fluffy and perfect for mashing.


I’m making the most of the asparagus this year. It’s woody, which more finicky types might object to since you’re supposed to appreciate the delicacy of the heads. But I like the woody stems, which are toothsome and biteable and full of flavour. I’ve been eating it plain, just a sprinkle of salt, nothing else. The best weekend brunch there could be.


4 Responses to “Hello peeps”

  1. Eric Gower Says:

    You have an honourable mention in the Daily Telegraph Magazine on May 12th. This could account for your increased readership perhaps–Or perhaps your question was ironic and rhetorical–In which case you already knew this!
    Either way it’s good for some of us new readers to have made your acquaintance!

  2. 101things Says:

    I had no idea! I’m not a Telegraph reader.

    Now I have to track down a copy to keep for posterity…

  3. Denzylle Says:

    Definitely not a Telegraph reader – a Guardian woman in London. Have been reading for about six weeks; can’t remember where I heard about you…

  4. Lucille Says:

    Yes, I saw you in the Telegraph and if you can’t find a copy I could send the page to you. There are five blogs highlighted as the ‘tastiest’, yours amongst them. I’ve never bothered to look at a blog before.
    Have just returned from a greedy trip to Neal’s Yard…such happy helpful people. Bought Beenleigh Blue,
    Wigmore, Ticklemore and a hard cheese from Crockhamhill.

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