Borough Market

On a recent trip to Borough Market I finally, finally remembered to take some photos. Here are two of my most favourite places in the whole world: the oyster stall and Neal’s Yard Dairy:

I can’t pass the oyster stall without having three oysters (rock, not native, I’m not posh) and I can’t pass Neal’s Yard without going in and smelling the cheese. It’s like cheese heaven. The people who work there have the best job on earth.


2 Responses to “Borough Market”

  1. Sara - Piperita Says:

    Wow! I can smell the cheese from here! Wonderful!
    And te oyster and palourdes look terrific!

  2. Oyster Girl Says:

    I love the oyster pixs!

    When I was in Harrogate in April I had some Loch Fyne oysters- they were FABULOUS.

    I don’t see kedgeree on your 101 list…did I miss it?

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