In Which I Learn New Things

I’ve started a cookery course. It’s every Thursday, nominally French Provincial Cookery although there will be a few dishes from other parts of the mediterreanean, and each week we’ll be given four recipes and choose to make two of them. This week my choice is between walnut bread, coq au vin, celeriac soup and Noramdy pear tart. I have chosen to make the coq au vin and the pear tart because they are the most challenging and what’s a lesson for if not to learn exciting new stuff?

I will of course be recording the recipes and successes/failures right here. And my workmates are going to love me for bringing in nice food every Friday.

In the meantime, here are a few things I learned during last week’s lesson:

– Mace is the fruit of the nutmeg. And it really is the same stuff they use in mace spray.

– If you sprinkle garlic cloves with salt they’re much easier to mash. The salt breaks down the fibres. How did I not learn this before?

– A good way to de-skin tomatoes is to pop one on a fork and hold it in boiling water – when the skin splits between the fork tines, it’s ready to be de-skinned. This is useful because before I never knew how long to keep it in the hot water. This way takes about 12 seconds. Then you put the skinned tomatoes into cold water to stop them cooking.

Useful, eh?

Man, I absolutely cannot wait to make this Normady pear tart.


One Response to “In Which I Learn New Things”

  1. Celia Cologne Says:

    I have just come across your website, whilst looking for tasty Chicken Brick recipes. Never mind JUST CB recipes. Your selection of recipes, photos and comments make me want to ‘go’ for every single dish on offer.
    As a single person, the ‘will’ to cook is not strong at present, even despite entertaining my friends from time to time. (No doubt many married women/partners, would echo those sentiments!!!!!) So, you have fired me up to get cracking again on good, honest Brit-biased recipes that are oozing with flavour and simply beg the taste buds to start running!! I’ve said enough…now to get on with it all at this Bank Holiday time…and the restl!! Best wishes, from Celia PS All saved in ‘Fav’.

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