Surprising vileness and slacking

I turns out I hate red mullet. Who knew? I baked some yesterday with lime, coriander and thyme and it was… vile. And I usually love fish. But it was just… well, vile.

I better news, I’ve started cooking at work. We have an oven but no one ever, ever uses it. So yesterday I made myself an asparagus omelette, feeling very smug while watching everyone else stick their plastic meals in the microwave.

I have been slacking with my 101 Things cooking. But I have asked a friend for her Cornish grandmother’s Cornish pastie recipe and soon I shall make parcels of meat and turnip.


One Response to “Surprising vileness and slacking”

  1. Lynne Says:

    yessssss, you have been slacking Fran, I check your website every day, I want more recipes, more pics, more comments! 🙂

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