Upon checking The List, I see that in the month I’ve been doing this I have managed to cook 5 items from it. At this rate I’ll still be doing this in 2 years’ time. Which is no bad thing. But so far I have mainly been meandering. I must have more purpose. I need someone to poke me and insist I cook Beef Wellington and Cornish pasties.


4 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Hey, I live in California and would love to taste a Cornish pastie. Bring one by.

    Check out my site. Think you’ll really like it. If you do, blogroll me.



  2. Lynne Says:

    I insist you cook Beef Wellington and a Cornish Pastie..I totally intend to steal your get going Miss Fran, you are my inspiration!

  3. Java Says:

    Beef Wellington! And perhaps you should make a Napoleon for dessert.

    And I see you have Jam on the list. Strawberries are in season, yes? It may be time to make yourself a little pot of jam. It’s very, very easy to make, too (and if I had my kitchen available to me right now, I’d be making it this week myself).

  4. bigsky Says:

    For the love of God will you please cook some Cornish pasties woman!

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