Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Puddings

Verdict: not a sucess. They look nice but were in fact rock solid on the outside and dense on the inside. Could be a couple of things – too much mixture, balance of ingredients not right, left in the oven too long, moon not in alignment with saturn.

Yorkshire puds are perilous things, not for the meek cook. I will try again. The recipe I used (from The Cook’s Book) had a shedload of oil in, which is what is likely to have made it go hard on the outside (the same happens to bread). Next time I’ll change that, probably use Delia’s recipe. As much maligned as she is, you can’t beat Delia for reliability.

Also, please note my spiffy table mats.


One Response to “Yorkshire Pudding”

  1. Kitarra Says:

    You know…the Barefoot Contessa made yorkshire puddings and her recipes are always easy and almost always turn out perfectly. You can try her at http://www.foodtv.com

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