Duck Egg Omelette

Duck eggs are in season at the moment and I snagged half a dozen at the farmer’s market yesterday. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, the yolks are noticeably a brighter yellow and the whites are more viscous. I hadn’t ever cooked with duck eggs before, so an omelette sounded just the thing.

And indeed it was. I made it very plain, with a few shavings of parmasan (oh yes, I shave my parmasan). The richness of the duck eggs worked with the cheese very well, and although Mr B found it too rich and couldn’t finish his I’d definitely have them again.

Handy tip: I learned a while ago that omelettes do best if you don’t whisk them too much beforehand, just enough to mix them up a bit. It seems to work.

Now I’m going to make a chicken liver pate, then a roast chicken with parsnips, carrots and Yorkshire puddings. I’ve never made Yorkshire pudding before, so wish me luck.


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