Quiche equipment located

I love poundshops.

Say you need a quiche dish. You’re not going to makes quiches all that often, you just want to have a go at it. So you go to your local cookshop and look at the flan dishes and they are nine of your English pounds. NINE. Then you go to your poundshop. And they are ONE of your English pounds. That is a rip-on, not a barg-out. And now I can proceed with the quiche-making.


2 Responses to “Quiche equipment located”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hey crazy cooking lady! I don’t use my yahoo account anymore, just checked it for checking’s sake and found this!!!!

    Good effort, keep it up 😉

    Sue xx

  2. bigsky Says:

    I saw the dish. I’m worried it’s not deep enough.

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