Don’t you think they look… sexual?

It’s the way they slither onto your tongue, the juice almost dripping down your chin, they quiver and then it’s chew once, chew twice, swallow. The taste lingers, salty, sour. You want another.


2 Responses to “Oysters”

  1. Edwardina Says:

    I do enjoy oysters, though it’s been a long while since I’ve had any. I’d rather wait until I can go back to New Orleans to have them again, just because I’m such a newbie when it comes to shopping for fish and I’m ultra-paranoid about the quality of anything that I’m going to eat raw

  2. 101things Says:

    I’m rather reckless when it comes to food, I’ve got a bit of a “what doesn’t kill me makes my stomach stronger” mentalty. I’ve eaten oysters from several places and never gotten ill once.

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